Blue KIVI Votives

As you see from the last photos, the limit between blue and green colours is not specific. The photos are taken in natural daylight, and the colours in my opinion are quite right here. EDIT 31.10.2019: New photos taken by better camera (OnePlus phone).

On the left side is cobalt blue Kivi, and on the right side blue/cobalt blue Kivi. As you see, the difference is quite minimal. More photos to compare appear at my Kivi Reference Site.

Turquoise dark is not official Kivi color name, but Iittala has made both quite different colours under Turquoise name. Turquoise blue is totally different official colour.

Skyblue and light blue colours are sometimes difficult to separate from each other: in light blue colour appear variations near to skyblue. This one is "normal" common light blue.

Seablue colour is produced in two variations - both are official.