Isopropyylialkoholi, Isopropanoli, Propanoli

Etiketti lienee alkuperäinen, mutta vahvistettu teipillä.

Korkki oli pullossa ja istuu siihen. Teksti E.Merck

- actually this is not a real apothecary jar, but it is recycled: Propanol arrived to pharmacy in this bottle from Merck. They just strengthened the paper label with tape and used it for decades

- weight with that plastic Merck lid 1370 g

- height with the lid 30 cm

- diameter about 13 cm

- volume 2.8 liters

- paper label is an original Merck label maybe from the 1960s

- not handmade

- condition 85% (if 100% would be a new one)

Pohjasta voisi päätellä pullon tilavuudeksi 2800 ml. Valmistajan logoa en tunnista.