Otso Series Full Dinner Set

Here is a full Arabia Finland Otso series dinner set. Pattern designed by Raija Uosikkinen in 1975 and the model S was designed by Ulla Procope in 1960. It is stoneware and also dishwasher proof. Produced by Arabia in 1975-1978.

The set includes:

6 large plates

6 soup plates

6 bread plates

One milk can

One large oven tray

One sauceboat

One middle size casserole or serving bowl

One little casserole or serving bowl

They all are in excellent condition, almost like unused.
Except that large oven tray: some minimal marks of use. Weight for all dishes will be about 13 kg; so it would be one under 15 kg shipping. Your price for the whole set is 280 euros plus shipping.

It was really a challenge to get realistic photos of these
items. That is because of the combination of these colours: brown, green, blue
and yellow. Almost all of these pictures are too yellow. So I show you first
the item with quite natural colours. It is a large oven tray; height 5.5cm and
diameters 23 x 30cm.

By clicking the photos you`ll get them into full screen.

A Large Oven Tray, height 5cm, diameter 23 x 30 cm

In this photo the colours are quite right. Other photos are too yellowish or spoiled by trying too hard.

6 x Large Plates, diameter 25.5cm, weight 4.8 kg

Too much yellow colour

Here are also quite good colours

6 x Soup Plates, diameter 20cm, weight 2.5kg

6 x Bread Plates, diameter 20 cm, weight 2.5 kg

One Sauceboat, height 7.5cm, diameter 14cm

Middle size oven tray, height 6.5 cm, diameter 18.5 cm

The right colour is between that yellow and this redish

Little oven tray, height 5 cm, diameter 13.5 cm

Milk Can, volume about 1.2 liters

I spoiled this photo: too much red colour