Kalsiumglyseryylifosfaatti, Kalsiumglyseriinifosfaatti

Vuoden 1956 farmakopean mukainen lyhenne

Sinettikuoppa tyhjä - arvo alenee kovasti

- Merck big pharma jar probably from the 1950s-1960s, but the original paper label had been removed in Keski-Kotkan Apteekki pharmacy. The jar was in other storage use there for decades.

- weight 1670 g + 50 g, together 1720 g

- height without a lid 30 cm

- diameter of a jar 17.3 cm

- diameter of a lid 8.5 cm (inside)

- volume 5 liters

- I glued by myself that typical 1950s-1970s paper label on it later

- this glass jar is not handmade

- there has been a signet, but in this case the hole/place for it is empty

- fine, black bakelite lid with the Merck logo

- the jar and the lid are in very good vintage condition

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