My Reference Kivi Colors

How can we know, that my reference Kivi colors are really right?

I can never give you 100% guarantee that they are right, but here is my method how to identify Kivi colors. It is quite simple, but takes some money and time: you need a large collection. As soon as you have (three or) more exactly the same colored Kivi, they are probably official colors. It is even more likely, if there are perfect stickers left.

If you have enough material and experience it is only comparing. For example this mondongreen color (photo): I have (only) three Kivi, which could be mondongreen. The middle one and left one are exactly the same color. Probably they are mondongreen (even the stickers are missing) because I have had two more same colored Kivi votives. That right one have to be a mixed color Kivi (near mondongreen). But to be 100% sure I want to get some more of these with stickers.

The List Of My Reference Kivi Colors

I list here only old, rare and complicated Kivi colours, which are not easy to identify from other official or mixed colour Kivi votives.

Alpha green

Blue/cobalt blue

Christmas green

Cobalt blue



Red garnet

Rio Brown