Asetanilidi, Phenylacetamid

Ens. kerran v.1914 farmakopeassa Acetanilidum

not for sale

- weight 770 g + 210 g, together 980 g

- height with the cork 21.5 cm

- diameter 10.2 cm

- volume over one liter

- scratched serial numbers 23/23, so the cork is original and fits perfect

- enameled label, rare name on it

- no scratched weight or Lasimaalaamo logo

- handmade, probably in the 1920s-1930s

- maybe not Made in Finland---Germany?

- it is handmade and fine work

- colour of the glass is not the same as usual: it is more light amber

- condition 95% (if 100% would be a new one)