Vuoden 1937 farmakopean valmiste. Happopullo on saanut uuden etiketin.

 Linimentum saponis camphoratum

Spiritus camphoratus.........50 p-osaa
Spiritus saponis kalini........50 p-osaa
                                    100 p-osaa

Sekoitetaan ja suodatetaan tarvittaessa.

Linjakas pullo, mutta kovia kokenut

Tulppa puuttuu

Hattu ei istu

- the acid bottle (special corks) is from the 1930s, but the paper label from the 1960s

- NOTICE: no corks available for this bottle

- weight 630 g

- height without the corks 22.5 cm

- diameter 10.3 cm

- volume 1.0 liters

- scratched serial numbers 5/-/-, so the corks are not available

- under this paper label is a corroded enameled label

- the paper label represents 1950s-1970s period, glued by myself

- scratched weight appears

- LASIMALAAMO logo (glass painting works from the 1930`s) appears

- blown by mouth and polished by hand

- a little chip on the mouth of a bottle

- some grimy dirt inside the bottle

- condition 35% (if 100% would mean a new one)

- my own category IX